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Operating Terminals & Storage

Our Top petroleum Terminals which we operate are located at Ust-Luga Port, Primorsk Port, Novorossiysk Port, Kozmino Port, Rotterdam Port and Hoston port. We ensure the receipt, storage, pumping and injection of petroleum products. Ota-Cargo B.V. consulting services, design, project management, and site supervision for the construction of tank farms and terminals comprise an important market segment in prestigious international projects in this sector, we made a name for itself among investors, owners.

Our Operating Terminals & Storage

Ota-Cargo have different Storage Terminals.
  • Ust-Luga Port
  • Primorsk Port
  • Novorossiysk Port
  • Kozmino Port
  • Rotterdam Port
  • Houston Commercial Port

Ota-Cargo Activities

Ota-Cargo B.V. is a International Terminal & Logistics Company provider of storage and transshipment of oil and gas products. The company main activity are:

  • Rendering of Storage and Bunkering Services
  • Leasing of Oil Storage Tanks
  • Injection of via Pipeline, Railway, Land Transport
  • Transhipment of Oil Products
  • Logistics & Storage Oil

Ota-Cargo Terminals & Storage

Full design capacity of the complex: 30 million tons per year. The terminal is designed for shipment on export of oil products, delivered by rail. allows preserving the initial quantity and quality of products. The storage tanks have a computerized metering system, which allows a quick and accurate establishment of the quantity of products stored in the tanks.
Primorsk Commercial Sea Port Oil Terminal has Capacity of 1,900,000 m3 in the Region of Baltic oil Transshipment Terminal in the Port of Kaliningrad. Lapshinskaya Tank Farm started its bunkering operations in the port of Primorsk both within the port area and on the road-stead using its own bunkering vessel with the dead-weight of 6,210 tonnes to 170,740 tonnes.
Novorossiysk storage facilities in the eastern part of the Black Sea connect international commercial seaport terminal transport corridors that connect Russia to the Mediterranean Sea, the Middle East, Africa, South and Southeast Asia, and North and South America. The storage is among one of the best operates tank farm storage, with the extension to other part.
Kuzmino port on the first stage of the ESPO project was 15 million. Tons of oil per year. After the expansion (the commissioning of the second stage , it increased to 30 million tons of oil per year..Since the commissioning of the Kozmino port for exports shipped more than 86 million. Tons of oil ESPO brand.
Ota-Cargo BV facilities subleasing at Rotterdam complies with the international standard directive, which means an extended safety management system audited annually by the local authorities. We elected to have a valuable system for all its tanks. This means that the storage capacities of all the tanks comply with the strictest regulations of the port.
We provides unsurpassed storage, transfer and distribution services. The Port of Houston is a cooperative entity consisting of both the port authority, which operates the major terminals along the Houston Ship Channel, and more than 150 private companies. Houston terminal is easily accessible for sea-going tankers, barges.
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  • Wolgaweg 32, 3198 LR Europoort Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • +31 (635) 251-028
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Contact Info

  • Wolgaweg 32, 3198 LR Europoort Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • +31 (635) 251-028
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